Speed Rocket! (6)



P.: It's got to be what happened in my made-up story.
If it is you say:Yes!
T.: And if it is something that did not happened in the made-story we shout: NO!
P.: That's right. Let's play.
Is the name of my made up story'Pinky and the flapping fish?
T.: No, the story wasn't about a flapping fish.
P.: Right. How about 'Mister Guinea-pig and the mountain of flowers?
T.: No, there weren't any mountains or flowers in your story.
P.: How about Speed Rocket?
T.: Yes! That's a great name for your story.
P.: That's right little brother.
P.: Ok. Let's play a game called 'Who were the main characters in todays story?'
Who were the main characters?
T.: Main characters are the ones who do important things in a story.
P.: I'm going to show you two characters.
T.: And we are going to say which one was a main character from todays story.
P.: That's right little brother.
Ok. Who was a main charcter in todays story? Was it me, Pinky? Or was it Pinky the stuff party animal?
T.: Oh I know. It was you Pinky. You were in the story today. You're in nearly all the stories.
P.: You're right. Ok. Which one of these characters was in todays story? Was it Ace Biskit or was it Peets the Elephant?
T.: Pinky, Ace Biskit was a main character in todays story. Remember he had a really fast fancy rocket.
P.: Great Tyler! Who was the main character in todays story?Was it Speed Rocket or Pink Goriila?
T.: Speed Rocket was. Remember, he won the rocket race. The other picture is a gorilla oh..oh.oh..
P.: Tyler, you are such a character.
I love making up stories. I'm sure you can make up a story too.