Speed Rocket! (5)



TP. : It looks like it's going to be a close course.
And yes..yes!..yes!! the Roony is a photo village.
There is a noose-by-noose; look at Speed Rocket!
And that's exactly what happened. More or less the END1
T.: That was great Pinky!
P.: Thanks. But do you know who the real winner is in today's story?
T.: Who?
P.: Someone who was very persitent. You!
T.: Me? Oh I see, because my rocket drawings came getting better.
P.: Tyler! Why did you do that?
T.: Because now I know to draw even better and faster then before.
Ow! I'm being persistent!
It sounds like game-time.
P.: Say cheese please.
Cheese Please!! ( = smile)
Let's play what's the name of my story.
Wow..wow...what's the name of my story?
Her is 3 storynames. 1. Pinky and the flapping fish. 2. Speed Rocket. 3. Mister Guineapig and the mountain
of flowers.
So what you think is a good name for my story.