Speed Rocket! (1)


  Tyler: I give up.
P.: Tyler, why do you say that?
T.: Because Iím no good at drawing rocket ships.
Pinky: That looks really good to me!
T.: Thanks Pinky. But  you should see what other people do in class
P.: Tyler! Have you ever heard the word persistence?
T.: Of course. Persistence is when someone keeps trying  to do something
 until they get better. 
P.: Exactly! That  word gives me an idea for solving your problem by 
 making up a story. 

Song:  Weíre going to the story box. Where Pinky is really good at making   .... stories.  And every story  rocks. ...

P.: Ok, Tyler. Why donít you draw today? 
T.: Me? All right. But draw what?
P.: A rocket ship!
T.: Pinky.

P.: Come on! Just give it your best way.