Luistertoets 1-1


You can start your talk now, Debbie.
My talk is about diving. I like diving.
I also like swimming, but I love diving.
In winter I practise in the swimming pool, but in summer I train outdoors, of course. Diving is great, you know ... There's so much to see under water ...
Well, that's all..
I'm sure you can tell us more. Do you train alone? Is it an expensive hobby? Go on, you can do it.
Er, ... well, I train in a team most of the time, but in summer I often go to the sea and then I train alone. What else did you ask?
How much does it cost?
Well, swimming is cheap, but diving costs a lot of money.
I see. Are there any other things that you like to do? Do you like watching TV?
No, I don't like it very much.
Thank you for your talk, Debbie. You can sit down now.