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The social girl. 

There is a girl who is very beautiful. Her name is Jana.
Jana smells like a flower because she bathes every day. She also smiles a lot because she has a lot of admirers.
There is another girls whose name is Amy. Amy doesn’t smile, because no one admires her.
The problem is that Amy stinks and all of the kids run away from her.
Amy approaches Jana and explains the problem to her. Jana knows how to take care of the problem but is embarrassed to explain it to Amy.
Amy never stops talking about her bad luck with boys, and everyday she dreams about being popular like Jana.
Amy decides to do everything that Jana does in order to be successful with boys. One day Jana curls her hair in a crazy way. Amy tries to do the same.
Another day, Jana dresses like a cowboy; Amy dresses the same. And another day, Jana wears French perfume and Italian makeup. And of course, Amy does the same.
But Amy isn’t successful with boys because she still stinks.
She complains to Jana. Everyday she talks to Jana about her problems. Finally, Jana tells her: “Take a bath twice a day.”
Amy takes the advice of her friend and within three days, she has many admirers who want to take her out on a date. Amy can’t decide the person to go out with all of them and they have a great time.
But since Amy is out with all the boys, there is nobody anymore to take Jana out. .