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What a coincidence! 

What a Coincidence! There is a man named Rodolfo that likes to play golf. He also likes to travel a lot.
When on vacation, he likes to go to Europe. Thus, he goes to the airport and gets on a plane and flies to Spain on his vacation.
When he arrives, he wants to play golf. He goes to the golf course and meets Jack Nicklaus. What a coincidence! The two play 18 holes at $1000 a hole. Rodolfo plays well and Jack plays poorly. Rodolfo wins $18,000.
Then Rodolfo goes to Paris. He is walking on the street when he sees Julia Roberts.
What a coincidence! She invites him to eat at a very expensive restaurant. The food costs $2000.
Rodolfo is going to pay the bill, but Julia tells him no, and he doesn't want to offend such a generous person. Thus she pays for all of it, and says good-bye to Rodolfo with a big kiss.
Afterwards he goes to New York by plane. But while flying, the plane has some serious problems and crashes in the middle of the Atlantic.
All of the passengers drowned except Rodolfo. What a coincidence!
An ocean cruiser full of millionaires rescues him. Since he has lost all of his money in the plane accident, he tells the captain that he needs money.
The captain takes up a small collection of money. All the passengers give him $3,000,000.
Rodolfo returns home and lives as rich as a king for the rest of his life.