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The Olympic Dogs. 

There were two American dogs who wanted to compete in the Olympic Games. The dogs' event was the 100 yard dash.
Before, Fred was very lazy, but now that he wanted to compete in the Olympics, he was very active.
Before deciding to be an Olympic dog, he always went to the movies and ate candy. Now that he wanted to win the gold, he lifted weights and ate less. Before he always went to the beach to sunbathe; now he exercised and ran every day. He trained so much that he lost weight while he got stronger.
Before, he went to parties and went out with girlfriends; now he went to bed very early.
The otherdog was named Joe. Joe had the same goal. He wanted to win the gold, but he behaved very differently.
He kept on going out with girlfriends and dancing every night at parties. He didn't exercise. He didn't lift weights nor did he run.
All Joe did was sit and watch TV for hours on end while eating pop com and drinking soda pop. Also he spent hours at the beach sunbathing instead of training for the Olympics. Everyday he gained weight and got fatter.
Finally the dogs went to the 0lympics, and the day of the event arrived.
There was a lot of competition because the French dog and the ltalian dog were very fast.
But the American dogs were not worried. The race began and the dogs ran. All of them got off to a good start, but soon, Joe felt dizzy and tired.
While the other dogs ran faster, Joe got slower. Finally, Fred won the world championship and received the gold medal.
Poor Joe finished in last place and didn't get anything, not even a fried bone.