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The elegant restaurant. 

There is a fat and friendly man called Von. He has a girlfriend whose name is Karen. Karen is a young and skinny woman with long, straight hair.
They have been boyfriend and girlfriend for many years. Now Von wants to marry Karen. He takes her out to the best restaurant in the city.
When they arrive at the restaurant: a waiter (named Pierre) takes them to a table in the corner. Von wants to talk about marriage, but Karen only wants to eat because she is very hungry. Pierre gives them the menu, but Karen and Von don't understand it because it is written in French.
They give the menu back to Pierre without knowing what they are going to order.
Pierre recommends a famous potato soup. In a short while, Pierre brings them the soup. Both of them taste it and like it because it is delicious. Suddenly, Von finds a long, thick hair in his bowl of soup and gets very angry. He calls the waiter. Von takes the hair out of the soup and shows it to Pierre. He screams, "Why is there a hair in my soup?"
Pierre doesn't respond because he is very embarrassed. Von grabs the hair and throws it at Pierre.
Next, Pierre brings them a plate of fried fish., They try it and like it because it is very tasty. But, suddenly, Von fmds a fried fly and takes it out ofthe fish and throws it at Pierre. Now Pierre is very worried because he thinks he won't get a tip.
Later, Pierre brings them dessert, a strawberry pie. Both of them try it and like it because it tastes very good. Suddenly Von finds a dirty sock and takes it out of the pie. He throws it at Pierre. When Karen sees the sock she feels dizzy and faints. Von gets up to leave. Pierre tries to give him the bill but he refuses to pay. Pierre kneels down and begs. Von doesn't pay any attention to him and leaves, forgetting about Karen.
Pierre sees that Karen has fainted and wakes her up. He invites her to go out and eat hamburgers. Karen teUs him, "Of course."
They go to a cheap cafe. While they eat hamburgers, they fall in love. At once Pierre proposes to her. They immediately go to the church and get married.