It might as well rain until september. 6

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What shall I ?
What can I say?
can I tell you much I miss you?

weather here has been nice as it can
Although it doesn't really much to me
For the fun I'll have you're so far away
might as well rain September

I don't need skies for things I to do
'Cause I home the whole day and think of you
far as I'm concerned day's a rainy day
It might as well until September

My friends forward to their picnics the beach
Yes everybody the summertime
But you darling while your arms out of reach
The isn't any friend of

It doesn't matter whether are grey or blue
's raining in my heart ' I can't be with
I'm only living for day you're home to
So It might as rain until September
September, , oh
It might as rain until September