The road ahead. 5

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The road ahead empty
It's paved with miles of unknown
Whatever seems to be your
Take life the way it comes, life the way it is.
Horizon the distance
So close and yet far away
You shouldn't be surprised on arrival
The dream has flown
And fear is not here to
The road ahead never gives away promise,
The road ahead is a or a dead end stream, a end stream
raindrops on your windscreen
for from heaven or from hell ’re driving
to the ride into the .
uncertainly as your guide
The road never gives away a promise, o-oh
road ahead is a highway or dead end stream, o-oh
The road never answers any questions
And nothing sure along the way, not even
With miles of the unknown ahead you
The road ahead is empty
's paved with miles of the unknown
seems to be your destination
Take the way it comes, take life way it is.