I'm Staying Home  from School Today - by Kenn Nesbitt



  I'm staying home from school today.  
  I'd rather be in bed  
  pretending that I have a pain  
  that's pounding in my head.  
  I'll say that I have a stomach ache.  
  I'll claim that I've got the flu.  
  I'll shiver like I'm cold.  
  and hold my breath until I'm blue.  
  I'll fake a cough. I'll fake a sneeze.  
  I'll say my throat is sore.  
  If necessary I can throw  
  a tantrum on the floor.  
  I'm sure I'll get away with it.  
  Of that, there's little doubt.  
  But, even so, I really hope  
  my students don't find out.  
  Kenn Nesbitt