Vanity Fair

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
ahead - bored - brave - bully - dreamed - famous - higher - life - man - married - men - novel - past - pregnant - reach - release - remind - treat - value - world

All of her , Becky Sharp longed to live in a world that was out of her .
- Just be yourself and everone will love you.
Why should the have all the fun!
Didn't Eleanor of Aquitaine ride into battle and there breast it.
I'm your prisoner.
You have only to ask and I shall you.
What a to find someone cultured in this house.
Please tell me there's something disreputable in your .
Now, miss Becky, this is Rawdon. He's a soldier, through and through.
You must be as a brick down here.
I'm afraid his life is a lonely one. If only he were .
Were you trying to steer me towards an indiscretion?
Would you like me to?
No has managed it yet.
In a decent position, you can put the on a leash.
Ladies and gentlemen, the entertainment is about to begin. -
Now she will enter the world, she always of...
- You know I'd do anything for you. -
...where polite society...
- Here comes the Mrs. Crawley.
I had thought her a mere social climber, but I see now she's a mountineer. - turning out to be anything but...
- They will you and patronize you, but that's what you want, I suppose. -
...and the she climbs...
- How do you like your new place?
My place. How kind of you to me. -
...the harder it will be...
- I cannot let that girl profit from her scheming.
The only in this life is to love and be loved. - stay one step of your past...
- Tell him I'm innocent!
You? Innocent?
I have not slaved for forty years to see you to marry a beggar maid. -
From the classic by William Makepeace Thakeray and acclaimed director Mira Nair
Reece Witherspoon
James Purefoy
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Romola Garai
Rhys Ifans
Bob Hoskins
Gabriel Byrne
and Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent...
- We march in three hours.
You won't do anything , will you?
... Vanity Fair.

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