Tristan and Isolde

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
after - another - before - daughter - family - kill - long - love - name - peace - treachery - won

-I want him to grow old in a land where all of us are at .
-Take all your men, guard the women.
-Tristan! Hurry.

-Who's this?
-Tristan. We're his now.
-He's got the heart of a lion. Just needs some time.
-Ever since you were a boy, you've sacrificed everything for me.
-Did I him like a son or did I misuse him for my own purposes?

-He's alive.
-You're safe here. Just sleep.
-What's your ?
-Oh, I think it's better we don't bother with names.
-Don't you think there's more to life?
Why for things if they're not meant to be ours?
-The King himself is caring the coast. He'll find you. You must go.
I want to know that there's more to this life and I can't know that if they you.

-I'm delivered.
-What's this about a tournament?
-He's offered his to whichever a tribe it wins.
-Let me go and win you a wife.
-I'm yours.
-No. Tristan has you on behalf of lord Marke.
-Your marriage will end a hundred years of plodge.
-My marriage to man!
-I'll pretend it's you.
-At every look and can't kiss you, I get sicker and sicker.
-The bridge. I can get to it without being seen.

-Is it possible a man might not see right in front of him?
-She's in love with Tristan.
-Lord knows what you have done!

Tristan and Isolde

-How many did you love me?
-And me?