The Stepford Wives

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
absolutely - best - book - change - crime - deny - disturbing - found - hardest - imagine - moving - new - normal - sink - smiling - will

- Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to introduce the working person in television: Joanna Eberhart!
Thank you.
You haven't heard...
About what?
All your shows, the affiliates won't touch them. We can't let you the network.
Thank you for taking this so well.
Goodbye, everybody!
Why are we ?
We're moving so that we can be the happiest family in the whole world.
Welcome to Stepford.
Stepford is the family paradise: it has no , no poverty and no pushing.
Good morning, ladies.
Wait, you work out dressed like this?
Of course, we always want to look our very .
In Stepford it seems like a real match.
! And all of your wives... they are so.... sizzling.
To Stepford!
Am I the only one who finds all of this more then a little ?
Aren't you Bobbie Markowitz?
I love your , what was it called, it was about your relationship with your mother...
"I Love You But Please Die"
These women are like deranged.
Keeps by the tendance.

This place does something to people.
All of the women are always and having incredible sex in the middle of the day with their husbands.
And that's a problem because...?
It's not , Walter!
Congratulations. Now you're one of us.
And Joanna, she's a great girl, or she be...
Last night I went online and I out...
...that all of the women here used to be CEO's, executives, judges...
If you could something about me by pressing a button, would you?
Ever since we've met, you've beaten me at everything, you're stronger, you're faster, a better executive, you're even better at sex, don't it.
I wasn't going to.
, if you could streamline your spouse, overhaul, every physical flaw...
What....have.....they....done to you?
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, see ya.

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