The Singing Detective

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:

- Quote. It's getting very suspicious. Pretty Head and Empty Lodge, he's . Period. Out of it. Period. -
Meet Dan Dark.
- So what's the ? Who's the dame? -
He's trying to solve a mystery.
- How do you know there's a dame?
There's always a dame.
Mr. Dark. Your .
No! -
Meet Dan Dark.
- Are you experiencing some kind of visual dislocation -
He's just trying to keep himself together.
- What do you do for a living?
I'm an .
Detective stories about a gun shoot in war boots.
He's almost over the edge. I think that Gibbon should him.
My book...
Is full of clues.
This is one sick book.
I know that clues are supposed to lead you to the , but don't they reveil the victim a little more clearly?
Mr. Dark...
Now, in order to put the pieces together...
...he'll have to revisit the mysteries of his .
- What happened to your mother?
It's tempting to believe that the poisons of the mind have errupted under the surface of the .
Come to grease me, did you?
If you're ready.
You need to write something new. Not a silly detective story, something .
Tell me what's going on. TELL ME!
Stay back. Keep out of sight.
Messing about, would you.
What are we going to do, waste him, wack him or what?
There are things in that books, doc, that are reaching out to grab me by the throat.
Why don't you them.
From Paramount Classics and acclaimed writer Dennis Potter comes a movie that breaks all the rules. He once wrote detective . Now he's a character in one.
Robin Wright Penn
Jeremy Northam
Katie Holmes
Carla Gugino
Adrian Brody
Mel Gibson
Robert Downey Jr. and
Robert Downey Jr.
in a Keith Gordon film.
When it comes to murder, seduction and betrayal, he the book, now he's living it: The Singing Detective.

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