Sherlock Holmes

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from the words below:

   events      experience      grave      methods      professional      request      someone      steal      waste   
- I have a . Someone I want to see.
- Sherlock Holmes.
- Mr. Holmes. You must widen your case. You underestimate the gravity of coming .
- Tomorrow, at midday, the world as you know it, will end.
- Well, there isn't any time to then, is there?
- The witness stated that he saw Lord Blackwood rise from the .
- I want you to find him and stop him.
- Duff. Take every ounce of my not inconsiderable .
- This may be a hobby to you Mr. Holmes, but I do it for a living.
- It does make a considerable difference to me having with me on whom I can thoroughly rely.
- It's nice to see you, Watson.
- You've never complained about my before.
- I never complain. What do I complain about you, practising the violin at three in the morning. Or your mess, your general lack of hygiene or the fact that you my clothes.
- Be a lady.
- Holmes, does your depravity know no bounds.
- No.
- Watson, what have you done.
- AAH!
- Madam, I need you to remain calm and trust me, I'm a , but beneath this pilow lies the key to my release.
- Oh!