The Queen

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
call - damaged - flash - feelings - grandchildren - national - people - private

We have a here from the Press Association Newswire:
Diana, Princess of Wales, has died in a car crash in Paris.
- Good evening Madam. I've just had a from our embassy in Paris.
It's the Princess of Wales.
- No member of the Royal Family will speak publicly about this. This is a matter.

Question have been asked about why the Queen has not addressed her subjects in this time of grief.

- 70% of the people believe that your actions have the monarchy.
- If you imagine I am going to come down to London before I attend to my , then you're mistaken.

The Royal Family have been accused of not showing enough remorse over Princess Diana's death.

- Duty first, self second.
She's been brought up to believe it's God's will that she is who she is.

- I prefer to keep my to myself.
- You're head of state. You don't get dictated to!
- Doubt there is anyone who knows the British more than I do, nor who has greater faith in their wisdom and judgement.