Oliver Twist

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
able - asked - dangerous - everybody - famous - hanged - join - known - more - office - useful

- Please, sir, I want some .
Oliver Twist has for more.
For more!
That boy will be .
You know you got no father or mother and that you were brought up by the parish?
Yes, sir.
You have come here to be educated and to be taught a trade.
Take down the shutters!
Clear down the !
Say your prayers!
Let the boy alone.
Let him alone? Well, has let him alone, his mother, father and all his relations has let him alone.
He needs someone who don't.
My name is Jack Dawkins, better known as The Artful Dodger.
Oliver Twist.
Why are you as The Artful Dodger?
That's why.
Oliver Twist. I have the honour of a more intimate acquaintance.
Come on, Oliver, us.
Put yourself under Fagin and you will be to retire and do the genteel.
Police are engaged in searching for Fagin and William Sikes, a well-known villain
Do you know what this is?
Fancy that, you're , Fagin.
Thank you, sir, for your kindness. I will always remember it. -

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