Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
afraid - answer - curly - decisions - democracy - noses - stay - times - worse

New have come to Manderlay. Slavery was abolished 70 years ago.

- If you won't obey that law of your own accord, we will compel you to do so.
- It's a local matter. It's not for us to poke our in.
- We whites have committed an irreparable crime against an entire people.
- I feel we ain't ready for a completely new way of life.
- There's nothing to be of.
- This time I have the power to act.
- We intend to here and we shall have to see about right being you and quickly.
- Although our ideals differ, Manderlay is a moral obligation.
- I am Ford. You are not interested in us. Not as human beings.
- What you did was all very nobel, my girl, but you have just made everything far .
- With all your idealism, we must have seen and might have been grateful.
- Give 'm hell for me, Jeff.
- But I ain't Jeff!
- They are both coloured and they both got hair.
- You can stop being proud and silent.
- If I were you, I'd leave now, before things get too nasty.
- I thought we were the ones who made the here. That no mercy ought to be shown to her.
- It must not be an act of vengeance.
- What happened?
- If you want a clear , why don't you ask somebody else?
- You make me sick.
- We coloured folks can be awfully hard to kill. Want it that way?
- Come on, how dumb do you really think we are!
- That's .

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