The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
absolutely - blowing up - character - date - demolition - goal - rock - title - true - voice - wisdom

The standard repository for all knowledge and in the universe is called 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. And it has this to say about movie trailers: "Movie trailers are designed to give you an idea of the film in question in a very short space of time. Typically they begin with the introduction of a main , who will very shortly have something so utterly fantastic happen to him
- What the hell are those things?! -
that someone just had to make a movie about it
- Attention people of earth, your planet has been scheduled for .
Hang on, we need you to ride -
Often this section is preceded by the words: "In a world..."
- ... -
...but sometimes not.
Trailers also normally employ a deep that sounds like a seven-foot-tall man who has been smoking cigarettes since childhood.
The is to create a piece of adverstising that's original and decisive.
- oh...far out -
It's intelligent and provocative, in other words, lots of things . Ocassionally interrupted by a girl in a bikini.
- That does nothing for me. -
Generally trailers also feature heartless, evil villains, hideous creatures, dolphins, physical violence and of course the promise of love.
- oh, for heaven's sake... -
And lastly there is a final montage, often set to music
- Let's do it, come on -
that is designed simply to blow away whatever synopsis you have left in your brain.
This cumulation is the reveal of the main , like so: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', followed by the release , so that the audience might plan the next few months of their lives accordingly.