Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
book - child - death - inside - killings - lawyer - mama - monster - name - same - talk - title

Have you read the article about the in Kansas? I think that's what I want to write about.
Hello, my name is Truman Capote.
I was at Marilyn's apartment just last week. Former teases hanging on the wall. Two were upside down.
Kansas Bureau of Investigation - KBI
We're not looking for any information and I don't care if you catch whoever did this.
I care.
Eversince I was a child folks have thought they had me picked because of the way I . They were always wrong.
You will be stunned by Perry Smith.
Who took care of you as a ?
It was if Perry and I grew up in the house. He stood up and went out the back door where I went out the front.
What is the sentence?
When I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe.
He'll be dead by September.
I am going to help find you a proper .
Thank you.
His brother and his sister killed themselves.
Did you tell him your did the same thing?
If those boys get off, I'm coming to Brooklyn to hunt you down.
You're torturing me.
He says it's the non-fiction of the decade.
We still haven't talked about that night.
What's the of your book?
I can't finish claiming what happened.
The world will see you as a . I don't want that.
I have decided on a for my book: In Cold Blood. Ain't that good?

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