Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from:
bottom - dancing - fat - found - hear - high - looks - outside - question - serious - single - speaker - still - wonderful

- It's been six weeks, four fabulous days and seven precious hours and to make it absolutely clear: one flawless boyfriend.
Bridget, what on earth are you doing?
Getting dressed.
Are you around in that tent?
I don't want you to see any of my wobbly bits.
So I have, I'm afraid, a very high regard for your wobbly bits.
It's me... I just had a rather graphic flashback: you do have a genuinely, georgeous .
Thank you. I'm actually with the Mexican ambassador and the head of Amnesty International and the Undersecretary for Trade and Industry and you're on phone.
Oh, right.
The question is, once you true love, how do you make it last forever?
Bridget, I think you should go to the ladies'. Trust me on this one.
Oh, no.
Just trying not to get my hopes up to . I mean I am a realist: I am never going to get married.
Come on Bridget, you must want to those ding-dong bells.
You know, I never really understood why he wanted to go out with me.
I embarrass you. I can't ski.
And yes, I will always be just a little bit .
Bridget, this is mad.
You have absolutely no messages, not a one.
I'm giving up all men...
... and carbon-hydrates.
Ever thought about doing it in the dark with a total stranger? Now all right then, perhaps not a total stranger.
Back off, Cleaver. I'm a journalist.
In a stupidly short skirt.
Oh, do you like it? -
Renee Zellweger
Hugh Grant
Colin Firth
- There's a very important I wanted to ask you, despite events and circumstances, perhaps...
Bridget Jones's phone.
Oh, you've been dumped? -
This holiday season...
- Would you step , please.
Oh, no, it's not possible.
He must love me. -
There's nothing like love...
- You're going in, Cleaver! - send you...
- You're coming with me -
...over the edge.
Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason.
- It doesn't matter. It's not about . -