Angels & Demons

Watch and listen to the video and fill in the missing words. You can choose from the words below:

   alive      doors      enemy      forgive      greatest      here      need      revenge      sign      terrifying      Thousands      truth   
- are gathered in Saint Peter's Square. The new Pope is yet to be selected.
- We are under attack from an old .
- Find professor Langdon.
- He exposed one of the cover-ups in human history.
- ... but what discovery would make The Vatican turn to him?
- It's Illuminati.
- The Illuminati were a secret society, dedicated to scientific . The Catholic church ordered a brutal massacre to silence them forever.
- They've come for their .
- There's a hidden trail through Rome itself.
- I access to the Vatican archives.
- Access to the archives is only by written decree by the Holy Father.
- Fellas, you called me.
- This is the first .
- What sort of sign?
- Earth. Air. Fire. Water.
- And the fifth sign...
- May God you for what you have done.
- Father, if God has issues, they won't be with what we've done, they will be with what we are about to do.
- Our church is at war.
- Hey!
- This is the first marker. The path is .
- You're talking about the moment of Creation.
- Open the and tell the world the truth.
- It has to be .
- This is it.
- This is the truth.
- Angels and Demons.