Police Escort Drunken Groom to His Wedding


1) BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man was forced to invite the police to his wedding after they arrested him for drunk driving the day of his marriage and had to escort him to the registry office, authorities said Monday.

2) "The police escort also offered the bridal pair his most heartfelt congratulations," said police from the northern city of Bremen in a statement.

3) Police arrested the inebriated 36-year-old after he crashed his car and failed to disguise that he had been drinking heavily. He told police he had been out on his stag night and was on the way to pick up wedding flowers for his bride.

4) "All parties refrained from taking the obligatory glass of champagne after the ceremony," said police. "It became apparent during the appointment with the wedding photographer that the bridegroom was struggling to raise a smile."

5) While the wedding guests went on to the reception, the new husband accompanied police to the station and provided a blood sample, before being collected by his mother.

6) "He'll have to do without his driving license for a bit, but at least he has a brand new marriage license now," said police.