Will New Dig Solve Mystery of America's Lost Colony


1) Before English settlers came to Jamestown, Virginia, or Plymouth, Massachusetts, they arrived on Roanoke Island in what is now North Carolina.

2) In 1587 over a hundred men and women set up one of the first colonies in the United States. By 1590 the colony and all its settlers had disappeared—and no one knows why.

3) The English had first tried to settle Roanoke Island in 1585. Because the island had sand dunes protecting it from the Atlantic Ocean, the location seemed ideal for a village.

4) But the villagers began to run out of food and decided to return home to England a year later. The English did not give up, however, and soon sent a new group to the island.

5) When an English ship came to the island three years later, the village was gone.

6) Now, a group of historians and scientists are hoping to solve this 300-year-old mystery. The group has created the First Colony Foundation to raise money for an archaeological dig in the area, which today is a part of the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.

7) By finding artifacts underground, the group hopes to figure out what happened to the missing village.

8) But some people aren't sure they want the mystery solved.

9) "As long as the 'Lost Colony' is unexplained, it stays fascinating for a lot of people," explained Phil Evans, who helped start the First Colony Foundation. "I don't want to take away the mystery. That's what makes it different and exciting."

Reported by Willie Drye and written by Sarah Ives
National Geographic Kids News

From: news.nationalgeographic.com