Ancient Stonehenge Village Unearthed

A village that may have been home to the builders of Stonehenge is uncovered in England.

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stonehengevillage.jpgResearchers have uncovered a village that may have been home to the builders of Stonehenge, the mysterious circular stone monument in England. The village of small houses dates back to about 2600 B.C.. That's about the same time Stonehenge was built.
"Clearly, this is a place that was of enormous importance," said researcher Mike Parker Pearson.

The ancient houses are at a site known as Durrington Walls, about two miles from Stonehenge. Researchers believe Stonehenge was a memorial site or cemetery for the villagers. The village also had of a wooden version of the stone circle. It may have been used by people attending festivals at Stonehenge.

Eight of the houses have been excavated, or dug up. Researchers say there may be as many as 25 of them. The wooden houses were square and about 14 feet along each side. There are signs of bed frames along the walls and of a dresser or storage unit. The houses also had fireplaces.

Two of the houses were separate from the others and may have been the homes of community leaders. Researchers say those sites didn't have the debris and household trash that was found in the other homes.

Stone tools, animal bones, arrowheads and other artifacts were found throughout the village site.