Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Begins

Kies het woord dat het best past in de zin.
Lewis&Clark.jpgCHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – On January 18, 1803 President Thomas Jefferson sent Congress a secret message asking (...1...) $2500 to fund exploration west of the mighty Mississippi River. He had just the man for the job – his personal secretary Meriwether Lewis. This weekend is the official launch of the Bicentennial honoring the epic Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery expedition.

The West was unknown (...2...) most of America in the early 1800’s. Jefferson wanted to find out if there was a direct trading route to the Pacific Ocean, which (...3...) possibly bring in goods from India and China through the west coast.

At the same time, Jefferson was negotiating with France to purchase a wide stretch of land known as Louisiana. After buying the land known as the Louisiana Purchase, Jefferson gave instructions to Lewis to tell the Native Americans that the country was now owned by the United States and they were interested in setting up trading relationships with them. Lewis packed many gifts to give to people as he met them along the way.

Lewis asked William Clark, a friend he met when they served together in the military, to (...4...) him on the trip. After packing their gear for a long time away from home and gathering a group of men to come with them, they departed in the spring of 1804. They did not (...5...) until the fall of 1806.

Along the way, they identified almost 100 new species of plants and sent both plant and animal specimens back to Jefferson through a courier on horseback– no UPS or FedEx in those days.


There are 15 signature events planned by the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial. The first one takes place on Saturday, January 18 from Monticello – Jefferson’s home and the place where Lewis lived before Jefferson became President of the United States.

Included in the four-day celebration are (...6...) lectures on what life was like back in the early 1800’s both at Monticello and in the West.

The Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center of Virginia is hosting a hands-on experience in early 19th-century boatbuilding at a site next to property once owned by the Clark family.

At the official kick-off on Saturday, a flag ceremony and an honor song, performed by Daniel Redelk Gear of the Monacan Nation, will begin at 11 a.m. Also performing are the Lewis and Clark Fife and Drum Corps from St. Charles, Missouri. The event is not open (...7...) the public. Tickets were given out on a lottery basis prior to the event.

The National Park Service is sponsoring a traveling tent exhibit called the “Corps of Discovery II: 200 Years to the Future” and will be at the Monticello Visitors Center. The program is designed to reconnect the present to landscapes, waterways, and people (...8...) they relate to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

For more information, visit www.monticello.org.

Bicentennial: tweede eeuwfeest (herdenking dat twee eeuwen geleden iets plaats vond)

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