Finders Keepers? Man Sued after $50,000 Find

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - A jobless Argentine who found $50,000 buried in trash and promptly bought a house, two cars and a corner shop is now being sued by a woman claiming her maid mistakenly had thrown out the cash.

,,All I can say is that I am no criminal'', Paulo Altamirano, a 46-year-old man who ekes out a living by collecting street garbage in the central city of Cordoba, was quoted as saying on Thursday by local DyN news agency.

Emilia Mascoy, a 70-year-old store owner, brought a lawsuit for fraud and demanded her money be returned. She says a maid mistakenly threw out the box of cash during a spring cleaning at her home, DyN reported.

A massive economic crisis in 2002 forced thousands of Argentines known as 'cartoneros' to earn their living by collecting and then selling street garbage such as cardboard.

From: Reuters