The Titanic


1) The Titanic is a very famous ship. In 1912 it was new. It was the biggest ship in the world. It was also very beautiful and expensive. People said that it was very safe.

2) On April 12, 1912, it started to go on its first trip. It left Southampton, England. It was going to New York. It had over 2,200 people on it. There were 1,310 passengers and 898 crew.

3) On April 14, at night, there was a lot of fog. It was hard to see. The boat went very fast. It hit an iceberg. In only 2 ½ hours the boat sank. There were not enough lifeboats. Many people had to swim, but the water was very cold. 1,503 people died in the cold water.

4) For many years, the Titanic lay at the bottom of the ocean. Then, a few years ago, some people found the Titanic. They went down under the water. They saw the ship. People were very interested in the Titanic. They wanted to know more about it.

5) A few years ago, some people made a movie about the Titanic. They made the movie in Mexico, because it's warm there.

6) It was hard to make the movie. They built a new "Titanic" ship for the movie. Hundreds of people worked on the movie. Some very famous actors worked on it. The ship and the actors cost a lot of money. The movie cost $200,000,000.

7) In December 1997, the movie came to theaters. Many people saw the movie. They liked it very much. The movie has made several hundred million dollars. It has made more money than any other movie in the world.