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bear.jpgIt'S the last thing you expect on a quiet visit to the restroom - but a Winnipeg man was rudely interrupted when he was dragged from a loo by a ferocious bear.

The victim, 65-year-old Gord Shurvell, only survived thanks to a quick-thinking friend who shot the animal, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Shurvell was camping and fishing with his friend, Daniel Alexander, at a cabin by Dunbar Lake in eastern Ontario when the black bear went for him.

Shurvell told the CBC he was "sitting on the throne" in the outhouse with the door wide open so he could enjoy the view when the bear attacked, grabbing his pants.

When asked if the attack scared the "you-know-what" out of him, Shurvell replied, "Nah, it was already gone."

He said the animal started dragging him through the bush by his arm and "I know if he gets me back there and I pass out, my buddy won't know ... it would take too long to find me. So I'm trying to get a tree to slow him down."

Alexander, who heard Shurvell screaming, grabbed a gun and found the pair in the bush. When the bear dropped Shurvell and turned, Alexander fired, killing it.

Shurvell escaped with scratches on his head, neck and arms along with a puncture to the back of his head, the CBC said.