Een lessencyclus door Bas Trimbos gebaseerd op de CD-ROM van de Britse ambassade. De CD-ROM Britain in Brief (updated for 1998) is gratis verkrijgbaar bij de Britse Ambassade in Den Haag bestel via e-mail.

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Vragen bij lesbrief 1 - Wales

1. Name one of south Wales` traditional heavy industries.
A Slate quarrying
B Steelmaking
C Shipbuilding
D Aerospace

2. How many sheep are there in Wales?
A 2 million
B 5 million
C 8 million
D 11 million

3. What is the national flower of Wales?
A The rose
B The leek
C The stinkwort
D The daffodil

4. What is regarded as the Welsh national game?
A Rugby Union
B Football
C Golf
D Cricket

5. Which of these is the national stadium of Wales?
A Cardiff Arms Park
B Cathays Park
C Hyde Park
D Murrayfield

6. Which of the following are strongly associated with Welsh music-making?
A Male voice choirs
B Steel bands
C Grand pianos
D The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

7. For which cult 1960s television series did the village of Portmeirion provide the backdrop (achtergrond)?
A Star Trek
B The Prisoner
C Mission Impossible
D The Magic Roundabout

8. About what proportion of the population in Wales speak Welsh?
A 5 per cent
B 9 per cent
C 13 per cent
D 19 per cent

9. Which of the following is one of the three national parks in Wales?
A The New Forest
B The Gower Peninsula
C Snowdonia
D The Lake District

10 Listen to the sound fragment. There is a strong celtic culture in Wales.
A True
B False


Bas Trimbos

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