Een lessencyclus door Bas Trimbos gebaseerd op de CD-ROM van de Britse ambassade. De CD-ROM Britain in Brief (updated for 1998) is gratis verkrijgbaar bij de Britse Ambassade in Den Haag bestel via e-mail.

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Vragen bij lesbrief 1 - Scotland

1. Which is regarded as the most distinctively Scottish musical instrument?
A The French horn
B The drum
C The bagpipes
D The pan pipes

2. What does the tartan (Schotse ruit) pattern of a Scotsman`s kilt generally relate to?
A The school he went to
B The town or city he lives in
C The clan he is descended from
D The clothes shop he bought it from

3. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who was born in Glasgow, was famous as what?
A A painter
B The inventor of the telephone
C An architect and a designer
D The inventor of the waterproof coat

4. Which of the following is one of Scotland`s largest exports?
A Whiskey
B Tartan
C Haggis
D Bagpipes

5. What industry is prominent in Scotland`s `Silicon Glen`?
A Glassmaking
B Whisky distilling
C Oil refining
D Electronics

6. Which game has spread round the world from Scotland?
A Rugby
B Cricket
C Golf
D Tiddlywinks (vlooienspel)

7. What landmark dominates the city of Edinburgh?
A The castle
B The railway station
C The town hall
D The airport

8. Roughly how many whisky distilleries are there in Scotland?
A Fewer than 25
B About 30
C About 60
D About 90

9. Listen to the sound fragment. What does the Scottish landscape look like?
A Flat (plat) like in Holland
B Hills and mountains
C Only meadows


Bas Trimbos

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