Een lessencyclus door Bas Trimbos gebaseerd op de CD-ROM van de Britse ambassade. De CD-ROM Britain in Brief (updated for 1998) is gratis verkrijgbaar bij de Britse Ambassade in Den Haag bestel via e-mail.

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Vragen bij lesbrief 1 - Northern Ireland

1. What proportion of people in Northern Ireland work in agriculture, fishing, forestry and ancillary (hulp) industry?
A 4 per cent
B 6 per cent
C 8 per cent
D 10 per cent

2. What is the Giant`s Causeway in Northern Ireland?
A An ancient track
B Hexagonal (6-hoekig) rock pillars formed by cooling lava
C The main motorway between Belfast and Londonderry
D None of the above

3. For what is celtic art (kunst) especially noted?
A The bohemian (zorgeloze) lifestyle of its practitioners
B Ancient cave paintings
C Its straight lines and right angles
D Its curved patterns

4. The giant Harland & Wolff yard in Belfast has built many famous ships. Name one of them.
A HMS Victory
B RMS Titanic
C SS Great Eastern
D HMS Warspite

5. Who is Northern Ireland`s biggest industrial employer (werkgever)?
A The electronics company Seagate
B The brewing company Guinness
C The aerospace company Short Brothers
D The shipbuilding company Harland and Wolff.

6. Listen to the sound fragment. How many counties does Northern Ireland consist of?
A 1
B 4
C 6
D 8


Bas Trimbos

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