Een lessencyclus door Bas Trimbos gebaseerd op de CD-ROM van de Britse ambassade. De CD-ROM Britain in Brief (updated for 1998) is gratis verkrijgbaar bij de Britse Ambassade in Den Haag bestel via e-mail.

Britain in Brief start
Instructie lesbrieven docent
Instructie leerlingen lesbrief 1
Instructie leerlingen lesbrief 2
Lesbrief 1 - England
Lesbrief 1 - Wales
Lesbrief 1 - Scotland
Lesbrief 1 - Northern-Ireland
Lesbrief 2 - Education
Lesbrief 2 - RestZZ
Leisure pastime - Sport & Exercise - Tourism

Vragen bij lesbrief 2 - Leisure pastimes

1. Over the last few years cinema admissions in Britain have been ..
A Falling sharply
B Falling slightly
C Roughly the same
D Rising

2. Name the most popular form of gambling in Britain.
A Playing blackjack in casinos
B Betting on the superbowl
C Playing the National Lottery
D Playing Russian roulette

3. Gardening is a very widespread hobby, especially among what group in the population?
A Teenagers
B Older people
C Ethnic minorities
D Disabled people

4. How much time on average do people in Britain spend watching TV?
A Almost 20 hours a week
B About 25 hours a week
C Over 30 hours a week
D Over 35 hours a week

5. Listen to the sound fragment. What is the most popular leisure activity in Britain?
A Going to the cinema
B Watching TV
C Eating out
D Gardening


Vragen bij lesbrief 2 - Sport & Exercise

1. When were the rules of cricket set down?
A 1692
B 1744
C 1850
D 1918

2. Britain`s Chris Boardman won an Olympic gold medal in which sport?
A Marathon
B Swimming
C Cycling
D Soccer

3. Watch the film fragment. What is the first sport you can watch in the film?
A Tennis
B Football
C Cricket
D Baseball

4. Listen to the sound fragment. Which sports originated in Britain?
A Cricket, chess, cycling
B American football, swimming, darts
C Swimming, tennis, cricket
D Cricket, rugby, soccer


Vragen bij lesbrief 2 - Tourism

1. Which of the following popular tourist sites is NOT in London?
A Westminster Abbey
B Blackpool Tower
C Madame Tussauds
D Tower Bridge

2. What is Britain`s top tourist attraction?
A The Tower of London
B St Paul`s Cathedral
C The British museum
D Blackpool Pleasure Beach

3. Listen to the sound fragment. What do more and more people use to come to Britain?
A Ferry
B Plane
C Channel tunnel


Bas Trimbos

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