Een lessencyclus door Bas Trimbos gebaseerd op de CD-ROM van de Britse ambassade. De CD-ROM Britain in Brief (updated for 1998) is gratis verkrijgbaar bij de Britse Ambassade in Den Haag bestel via e-mail.

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Instructie leerlingen lesbrief 1
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Lesbrief 1 - England
Lesbrief 1 - Wales
Lesbrief 1 - Scotland
Lesbrief 1 - Northern-Ireland
Lesbrief 2 - EducationZZ
Lesbrief 2 - Rest
Vragen bij lesbrief 2 - Education

1. What do the 15 city technology colleges in England and Wales emphasise (benadrukken), apart from technology?
A Mathematics
B Foreign languages
C Science and mathematics
D Science and economics

2. What proportion of pupils in Britain stay on in full-time education after the age of 16?
A 30 per cent
B 50 per cent
C 70 per cent
D 90 per cent

3. What technology now plays an important role in Britain`s classrooms?
A Slide rules (dia`s)
B Abacuses (telramen)
C Computers
D Overhead projectors

4. Approximately (ongeveer) how many state schools are there in Britain?
A 31,000
B 35,000
C 40,000
D 45,000

5. About how many independent fee-paying schools are there in Britain?
A 2,000
B 2,400
C 2,700
D 3,000

6. Which of the following is included in the National Curriculum for England?
A Mathematics
B Welsh
C Serbo-Croat
D Sociology

7. At what age do children in most of Britain take their GCSE exams?
A 14
B 15
C 16
D 17

8. Listen to the sound fragment. At what age do children start school in Northern Ireland?
A 4
B 5
C 6


Bas Trimbos

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